Growth Rate

Growth rate is based upon understanding Analytic tools to target and use SEM programs such as CafePPC and Adsense properly.

Analytics Not Important

Analytics Not Important just kidding.  The question should be is Analytics important or not?  You got to be lying to yourself to believe monitoring data is not important.   Data is everything in the world of the internet.  Reading data right could lead you to success faster than you think.   Knowing what people are looking at on your site is a must.  Dealerships and any other type of website that’s trying to sell or get seen.  Based on your Analytics you can perform overlay pop ups that benefit the visitor with a coupon and several other tactics.

Analytics Not Important to only the ones that do not understand how to use it.   This is why you need a professional to combine these tools with other such as PPC to drive it home.  90% of any website owner that understands how Analytics benefits them succeeds online.  Knowing who, when and where a visitor is coming from makes it easier to save of advertising cost for dealership sites.

What's Inside a Analytic Tool?

What’s inside of most of the Analytic tools out there.  Plain and simple, detailed information on visitors that hit your website.  Demographics that tell you GEO location, IP address, Browser, Operating System, dates and where they were referred from.  There are much more functions that come with these sites.

Analytic sites should all be free.  I wouldn’t trust one that isn’t.   You are paying them in full when you put their code into your site so it can be used.  The one I prefer the most is the simple and easiest at CafeLytics from the CafePPC owners.  Google Analytics is way to much and over done.  It is way to easy to get confused with their layout.  If you are more familiar with Google Analytics then yes use it but I really think it is not for the novice.

Prefered Analytic Tools

Link Here to: CafeLytics


Link Here to: Google Analytics