Dealerships Analytic Tools Consulting

We are tied closely to our clients success online.  Analytics is an important way to collect information Geo location wise and much more.  We offer several business package right on this site to help a dealership maximize their understanding of how the systems work. 

Google is one of the best tools but we know there are several other tools that are needed to get a full view on targeting visitors and where they are coming from.

Local Attraction
Even better than traffic lowing your ranking of the site.  Dealership need more data on local and surrounding areas if anything to cap that sale.  Analytics can help with this task.

Potential Leads Visible
Optimize site data and measure your marketing on or two platforms.  Giving a coupon to that IP / Geo located targeted visitor could mean sales.

Geo Location and Tracking Data Reports
using the tools we have and suggested sites with proper managing.  Collecting information will drive your plans better to serve your visitors.  Serving visitors equals converting to leads then sales.

Boost Your Leads:

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Training our clients is one of the things we do at iAutoDesign.  We just do not only help with the sites we give tutorials and lesson on what and why the internet works a certain way.   We also know that saying that call tracking integrates with Google Analytics is something that comes with Google anyways.

We are not here to bull our clients into thinking something that is small is big.  there are plugins and services that can connect or bridge tools together.  What’s big is the large amount of understanding you must have to tie it all together.  What you are paying for is the knowledge that you do not have and time.

Can I sell more cars with Analytic tools?

Yes, you can.  This is how you can do this.  Any tool that gives you information as to their location and more.  You can collect this data to target market them next time or when new visitors hit your site from that location.  Using VTS you can tie this information with your Analytics to come up with a strategy base plan.

Why are we giving out information like this?

We do not mind doing this because we know if you do this wrong there will be no results.  There is a lot of work and monitoring that goes into this.  This is why you need professionals to cover the Internets tedious work.